About Us

Mission Statement

BlackHeart Knife & Tool’s mission is to bring you the highest quality, heavy duty high performance cutting tools available using only the highest quality American made materials.

Our knives are made 100% in the United States. From the raw steel, handle materials, screws, liners, sheaths, and ceramic coating, to the files, 2"x72" belt grinder and even most of the sanding belts that they were ground with. BlackHeart knives are genuine U.S. made products to their core literally, when we say BlackHeart Knives are 100% made in the U.S.A. we mean it. Whether you are a Military or Law Enforcement professional, Martial Arts Practitioner, or Outdoorsman, BlackHeart Knife & Tool has the right tool to get the job done. The quality, ergonomics, and innovation in their design is evident as soon as you hold one in your hand.

We grind our blades freehand in a Honzukuri / Hamaguri Convex style. This type of grind has been world renowned for centuries for its unequaled strength and sharpness. This style of grind requires years of perfecting and is very labor intensive and time consuming to perform. The end result is one of the finest cutting tools on the planet. 

BlackHeart Knife & Tool has one of the most extensive state of the art heat treating and cryogenic quench processes in the industry. After deburring the blank with files by hand, and grinding each blade on a 2"x72" belt grinder completely freehand, each blade spends a total of over 30 hours in our advanced vacuum heat treat, cryo quench, and triple tempering process. Adding Cerakote ceramic coating to the final product after sandblasting adds a protective layer against corrosion that is tested and proven to be 10x more durable than its closest competitor.  This extensive process, combined with our full height convex ground blades and our custom designed 3D machined diamond grip handles, provides one of the strongest, sharpest and most functional cutting tools available. 

About Us

BlackHeart Knife & Tool was formed in Ventura County, California in 2011. All knives are designed and made by Rich Robinson, a lifelong weapon collector, martial arts enthusiast and outdoorsman. He blends the perfect balance of durability, ergonomics and function into the intended purpose of every design. His philosophy is simple, “I make every single knife as if my own life depended on its performance”.